Smooth Dark Chocolate

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Bringing our vision to life. Using 2 superfoods and nothing else, experience the exquisite hand crafted fusion of Ghanaian single origin organic cacao & organic dates. This unique blend provides a rich and robust blend with red fruit undertones, beautifully complemented by the velvety caramel sweetness of dates, nature’s finest sweetener.
Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Dates, Organic Cacao Butter
Note: It's Summer Time! That means lots of great sunshine and also much higher temperatures. To preserve  the quality of your bars, please note that we ship orders Monday through Thursday to avoid potential weekend delays.

Customer Reviews

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Lori McGee
Chocolate bars

This is the best chocolate bar I have tried... zero additives and delicious!! Worth every dime!!!!!

Sheri Deflavio
Back to what I love

I’ve been recovering from long covid for 9 months. I went without sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and eggs to help my immune system recover. But I missed chocolate the most. Thanks for making this delicious and healthy treat. You have no idea how much joy it brings me. Xoxo

Roland Handy

My wife and I really enjoy your chocolates. They are rich and satisfying.

John Phelan
Understated Elegance

Good dark chocolate is amazing and I am super fussy about it. I love 75-85% and not too sweet. After my trip to Colombia last year and having visited several coffee and Cacao farms, I finally tasted real unadulterated Cacao. It was amazing. This product is like that. What you get is that amazing unadulterated cacao flavor without the added sugars. Amazing flavor profile! Congrats to this team. I’m in. All in!

Eduardo Colon

Smooth Dark Chocolate