Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes The Conscious Bar healthier than other chocolate?

We consciously created bean-to-bar chocolate using two superfoods – Cacao & dates. We intentionally wanted to use a sweetener that is rich both in taste and nutrients to create a memorable, and guilt free experience.

2. What does Indulge Freely mean exactly?

If you’ve had one of our bars, you’ve noticed the words “indulge freely” printed into each chocolate square. We believe that these two words embody the essence of why The Conscious Bar was created to start with. We wanted to create a delicious guilt free chocolate bar that would stand the test of flavor, ethics & environmental responsibility. Rest assure that you can indeed Indulge freely when biting into one of our bar.

3. What are the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate?

We use premium organic ingredients in all the bars to create an unmatched flavor All the Conscious bars are of a minimum of 75% cacao solids. In studies, the consumption of dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants (specifically cocoa polyphenols), which can help to combat free radicals, destructive molecules that are implicated in heart disease and other ailments.

4. What are the Health Benefits of Dates?

We decided to sweeten our Chocolate bars with dates not only because of it’s rich and delicious flavor, but also because of its magnificent nutritional value. Dates are stacked with fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Other benefits shown in studies claim that dates can contribute towards helping reduce inflammation, act as an energy booster & promote heart and brain health.

5. What is the Nutritional Value Analysis) of each bar?

Please refer to our product page for the individual nutritional value of each bar. 

6. Are all of The Conscious Bars 100% Sugar-free?

The Conscious Bars contain NO added sugar. They are gently and naturally sweetened with organic dried and crushed dates. The only sugar content in the bars is the sugar deriving from the dates. In each bar, you’ll find between 8-12 grams of crushed dates for the entire serving (1 full bar). We intentionally created a chocolate bar that is lightly sweetened so that our customers can enjoy the natural flavors of both the cacao and dates we use in our blend.

7. Are all The Conscious Bars Suitable for Vegans?

Yes, all of The Conscious Bar products are vegan / plant based and do not include any dairy or eggs whatsoever. 

8. Are The Conscious Bars Suitable for Keto Diets? 

Our bars are made from two healthy superfoods - Cacao and Dates, nothing else. While consuming too much sugar, and too many carbs – is not ideal for a keto diet – fruit can be a perfectly good choice, in moderation. Which brings us to dates. Not just a ‘normal’ food - dates are sweet, golden – and packed with numerous, science-backed, nutritional benefits. Consult with your dietitian to assure that our bars are carefully integrated with your diet plan and you should have no issues consuming our bars on a keto diet.

9. Are The Conscious Bars Suitable for Paleo Diets? 

Similar to the above answer, yes our bars are suitable for Paleo diets, and once again consult with your dietitian to assure that our bars are carefully integrated within your diet plan.

10. Are the Conscious Bars Gluten Free?

Yes, our bars are made with nothing more than cacao and dates. Some of our bars will have inclusions in them which include hazelnuts, almonds and coconut – all of which are gluten free as well.

11. Are the Conscious Bars Non-GMO?

Yes, we do not use any genetically modified ingredients in our chocolate making.

12. Where is Our Chocolate made?

We make 100% of our chocolate locally here in a safe, FDA approved factory - 5150 Chocolate located in Delray, Florida to ensure the best possible quality of our final products.

15. Is Your packaging 100% eco-friendly and plastic free?

Absolutely. The Conscious Bar’s packaging is 100% plastic free & recyclable. Even our interior film wrappers and exterior sealing stickers are 100% compostable & Biodegradable. Our plastic free wrappers are made from eucalyptus wood pulp obtained from controlled plantations & certified by the PEFC and FSC.

14. What does Direct Trade mean and how is it different from Fair Trade?

Direct Trade simply means that we work directly with our farmers to assure that we compensate them well (and on time) for their hard work. The Fair-trade model was initially put in place to allow a centralized way of protecting the farmers rights and pay. After digging deep into the fair-trade program, we saw that some of the most pressing problems still exist within this model which include lack of transparency on how the farmers get treated as well as how much and when they get paid. For that reason, we work on the Direct Trade model which allows us to directly develop strong relationships with our suppliers and farmers and invest in local infrastructure to improve lives for the communities. The price we pay therefore, is significantly higher than the market price (Fair Trade price). With that said, we have the utmost respect for the Fair-trade foundation as their mission to continue to work hard towards educating ethical and fair practices for farmers all over the world is vital for the preservation and growth of the cacao industry.

15. How is the Chocolate Best Stored?

Our chocolate should be kept in a cool, shaded place, with a temperature of approx. 60-70 degree. We do not recommend storing the chocolate in the fridge as it tends to lose it’s unique natural flavours. As a reminder, we do not use any preservatives or emulsifiers therefore we recommend consuming the chocolate bars within a few weeks of purchase date.

16. Where Can I Buy The Conscious Bars?

You can order our bars online on directly on our website or you can also look under the Store Locator tab for more information on where you can find the bars nearby you. 

17. How do I set up a wholesale account with you guys?

Feel free to fill out the wholesale form and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

18. How does my order ship? 

Once your order is processed and ready to ship, it will be sent via our 2-day Express (Ground or Air, depending on your proximity to our shipping facilities). All of our packages are packaged and shipped with ice packs to ensure that your bars arrive safely and in prime condition. 

19. Where does The Conscious Bar Ship to? 

We ship to all residential and commercial addresses within the 50 states of the United States. 

20. Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes we do! All orders over $85 receive complimentary standard 2 Day Delivery) shipping. 

21. I have a discount code that isn't working on the site, what do I do? 

No worries we got you covered. First ensure that you are entering the code exactly as provided to you. All discount codes are case sensitive and should not have any spaces in them. If your code is still not working, you can reach out to us at and we'll help resolve the issue. 

22. How can I check the status of my order? 

You will receive status updates on your order via email. If you need additional assistance, feel free to reach  us at

23. My order is missing certain items, what shall I do? 

If you are missing items or received the wrong ones, please contact us asap at and we'll fix it immediately. 

24. What is your refund policy? 

Please refer to the Refund Policy section on our website. We take great pride in the products we offer as well as the quality controls we put in place to ensure that you are always satisfied. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with the products you received from us please contact us at and we’ll be sure to get back to you within 48 hours. 

25. Which forms of payments do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.