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Sweet & savory, where the gentle crunch of almonds meets the subtle dance of sea salt.

Our delicate roasting process unlocks the natural flavors of the almonds, unveiling subtle hints of toasted warmth and a delightful aroma. With each bite, you'll savor the harmonious interplay of rich smooth chocolate, small crunches of almonds and a hint of fine sea salt. 

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Dates, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Almonds, Sea Salt
Note: It's Summer Time! That means lots of great sunshine and also much higher temperatures. To preserve  the quality of your bars, please note that we ship orders Monday through Thursday to avoid potential weekend delays.

Customer Reviews

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Tina P
New Favorite Chocolate

I’m so happy to have discovered The Conscious Bar! It’s the lowest sugar, natural and organic option I’ve found and it’s flavor is so pure and chocolatey. The Almond Sea Salt is the perfect salty-(barely) sweet balance for either any anytime snack or a dessert-time treat.

Janet H
Absolutely delicious!

These bars are amazing. They hit the chocolate cravings on the head and are only a few natural ingredients. I’ll be ordering more!!

Delicious and great customer service

The bars are delicious - my 4 yo daughter who is so sugar crazy liked it even tho it’s just sweetened with dates! Other high cacao content chocolate bars she says are icky. So two thumbs up. There was a little quality problem with shipping which effected only part of the bars but when I sent them the photos they still sent a full refund. I really appreciated that especially since I had already ordered more. Big thumbs up for this company

Lori McGee

I was very impressed with this chocolate bar!! It exceeded my expectations and was fabulous!! Good work simple and clean!!

Georgia Corbett
Minimal flavor

We were disappointed with this bar. Almonds hardly noticeable and didn’t pick up on the sea salt. Even with other flavors, each was not even very distinguishable from the other, all very bland.