Can we launch a chocolate company with zero Waste packaging?

Rather than opposing this as a question, this idea was ingrained into our culture from day 1 as a non-negotiable core value.Plastic waste has been a continuous global epidemic for many years. There’s currently an estimated 7 billion of plastic waste that has been created overtime which goes on to damage our natural resources, especially landfills & oceans and even kill marine animals with microplastics that often end up in the seafood that we consume. 

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Our packaging is 100% plastic free, made entirely with post consumer waste products (PCW). Our interior film wrappers and exterior sealing stickers are also 100% compostable & Biodegradable, made out of eco-friendly materials such as eucalyptus wood pulp obtained from controlled plantations. Each material used for our entire packaging meets the highest standards and requirements of The Forest Stewardship Program (FSC).

How can we contribute to fighting this growing global challenge? 

As a F&B (Food & beverage) company we know how much plastic is being generated within our space each and every year. In order to not only contribute to excess plastic floating around, we made it a core mission of our company to both never use any form of plastic for our packaging as well as ensure that the materials we end up selecting are 100% compostable & biodegradable.  

What is composting & why is it so important to us? 

Simply put, compost is the natural decomposition of any organic matter in an aerobic way. Composting has the ability to: Heavily reduce methane gas emissions, drastically reduce the number of pesticides and herbicides that are being used for farming, gardening, landscaping and more. It has the unique ability to trap the carbon below the surface which contributes to the overall health of our soil, all while fighting global warming For these reasons (amongst others) we decided that we had to do whatever it took to achieve our goal in making our packaging not only recyclable but also 100% compostable. 

Innovative Blend

Organic Cacao + Organic Dates. Nothing else.

100% Organic

All of the ingredients in our bars are 100% organic.

No Added Sugar

Our bars contain only 8g of total sugar, derived from our delicious and mega-nutritious organic dates.