Direct Trade

Direct Trade simply means that we work directly with our farmers to assure that we compensate them well (and on time) for their hard work. The Fair-trade model was initially put in place to allow a centralized way of protecting the farmers rights and pay. After digging deep into the fair-trade program, we saw that some of the most pressing problems still exist within this model which include lack of transparency on how the farmers get treated as well as how much and when they get paid. For that reason, we work on the Direct Trade model which allows us to directly develop strong relationships with our suppliers and farmers and invest in local infrastructure to improve lives for the communities. The price we pay therefore, is significantly higher than the market price (Fair Trade price). With that said, we have the utmost respect for the Fair-trade foundation as their mission to continue to work hard towards educating ethical and fair practices for farmers all over the world is vital for the preservation and growth of the cacao industry.