Our Founder

Hey Chocolate Enthusiast, 
So I got banned from a candy store when I was 5 years old, safe to say that I had a pretty disturbing sweet tooth at a very young age. Since I could remember myself, I was on a constant  hunt for chocolate! 
Fast forward to adulthood I started putting a bigger focus on my health. As a former athlete, I had the basic understanding of the type of foods and ingredients I should stay away from but everyone always said dark chocolate is good for you, so I accepted it at face value. 
After diving deeper, I realized that although dark chocolate can be good for you, not all chocolate is created equal. Most chocolate bars I picked up were still using unhealthy refined sugars, or alternative sweeteners that were still not all that great for you and offered subpar flavors.
I refused to accept the reality where I would be unable to indulge in the food I love the most so I decided to turn to my middle eastern roots for the answer: 
What if I could pair this incredible superfood called cacao with another superfood that would go on to change my relationship with chocolate as I knew it. That other superfood was Organic Dates. 
And there it was, the perfect chocolate bar that is made with 2 superfoods and nothing else: organic cacao + organic dates. Rich, creamy and freakishly delicious. 
I’m truly humbled that I get to share this experience with you andI thank you from the bottom of my heart for riding this journey with me and our amazing team. 
Welcome to a new & exciting world of chocolate. 
Yaniv Simpson  
Founder & Creator of The Conscious Bar